Save Our Library (SOL) is a group of former Jones Library Trustees, Library patrons, Town Meeting members and concerned Amherst residents who are alarmed that the Jones Library Trustees and the Library Director are proposing a Demolition/Expansion Plan that would demolish 40% of the beloved historic Jones Library. This Plan would forever destroy the Jones Library's warm, home-like atmosphere and replace it with a cookie-cutter modern library design. The expansion would also wastefully demolish the exterior from the 1990's expansion that blends with its historic neighbors, including the Amherst Historical Museum next door and the downtown Amherst historic district. SOL supports a preservation, renovation of the Jones Library that respects the honored place this unique public library represents in our Town's literary history. We support change that improves the quality of life of our residents and reflects Amherst's values of repurposing and sustainability. 



  • Michael Burkart, Precinct 6 Town Meeting member, Amherst resident since 1991
  • Sigurd Nilsen, Precinct 8 Town Meeting Member, former Economist, Solarize Amherst Team Member
  • Sarah Mckee, former Jones Library Trustee President
  • Pat Holland, Jones Library Trustee (2005-2011), Town Meeting member for many years
  • Molly Turner, former Jones Library Trustee President, Precinct 1 Town Meeting member
  • Rob Kusner, Professor of Mathematics UMass Amherst, Amherst Select Board Member (2005-2008), Amherst Conservation Commissioner (2000-2003), Precinct 3 Town Meeting Member, Jones patron since 1988
  • Terry S. Johnson, former Mark's Meadow Teacher, Poet, Jones Library Trustee Candidate
  • Frank Gatti, MD, Child Psychiatry practice in Amherst, Amherst Human Rights Commission (2002-2011), Amherst Media Board (2007-2013), Precinct 8 Town Meeting Member 
  • Rita K. Burke, former Public Safety professional, Precinct 2 Town Meeting Member 
  • Sean Burke, former Mass DOT professional, 48 year Amherst resident, Precinct 2 Town Meeting Member
  • Mary Hoyer, former Teacher, Jones Library patron
  • Julian Tyson, Professor Emeritus Chemistry, UMass Amherst
  • Holly Davis, former Writing Professor, Smith College 
  • Alton Acker, former Public School Teacher, Amherst resident for 35+ years 
  • Christine Acker, former Assistant Director of Operations, Mather Career Center, UMass Amherst
  • Ann Hollingsworth, former Public School Teacher, Writer and Tutor 
  • Felicity Callahan, Community College Math Teacher, Jones Library Patron, 34 year Amherst resident
  • Jim Callahan, former Math Professor, Jones Library Patron, 34 year Amherst resident
  • Margy Andrews, Professional Academic Librarian (retired)
  • Tanika Douglas, recent college graduate, Amherst resident
  • Louis S. Greenbaum, former Jones Library Trustee, Professor of History Emeritus, Precinct 1 Town Meeting Member, Amherst resident since 1955
  • Hilda B. Greenbaum, Ph.D. in neuroscience, former Teacher and Researcher, Precinct 1 Town Meeting Member, Amherst resident since 1957
  • Kitty Axleson-Berry, Personal Historian, Jones Library Trustee Candidate, Precinct 6 Town Meeting Member
  • Carol Pope, ex-academic (Philosophy and Educational policy), Garden Designer (Kinsey Memorial Garden), Amherst resident since 1976, Precinct 9 Town Meeting Member
  • Christina Platt, Consultant, former Board Co-chair Mother Jones, Jones Library patron since 1970
  • Michael Levine, Financial Planner, Amherst resident since 1971
  • Edwin Wilfert, Jones Library Trustee Candidate
  • Ruth E. Feldberg, former Psychiatric Social Worker, Amherst resident since 1997, Jones Library patron
  • Peggy Matthews-Nilsen, former Psychotherapist, Amherst Historical Society Trustee, Solarize Amherst Team Member, SOL Website Administrator